Stumped By This Crossword Clue? The Answer Will Take Just A Second!

Stumped By This Crossword Clue? The Answer Will Take Just A Second! - SILVERMEDAL
It'll take a second to get it

In a small town called Podunk, there was an annual race that took place every summer. The town’s finest athletes, including runners, swimmers, and cyclists, would compete for the gold medal. However, one year, a new athlete named Jack entered the competition. Though he was incredibly fast, he didn’t have enough endurance to win the gold medal.

Disappointed but determined, Jack decided to train even harder for the following year’s race. He spent countless hours running, swimming, and cycling, pushing himself to the limit. When race day finally arrived, Jack was more than ready to compete.

As the race began, it quickly became clear that Jack was a serious contender. He raced ahead of the others, leaving all of his competitors in his wake. But just as he was about to cross the finish line and claim victory, disaster struck. His shoelaces had come undone, forcing him to stop and re-tie them.

Though he quickly fixed his shoes, it cost him the gold medal. Another athlete, who had been lagging behind, was able to catch up and cross the finish line first. Jack finished in second place, receiving a silver medal instead of a gold one.

Though he was disappointed, Jack didn’t give up. He knew that it only took a second to lose everything he had worked so hard for, but it also only took a second to recover and try again. So, he kept training and competing, earning several more silver medals and even a few golds.

Years later, Jaden, a young athlete in Podunk, saw Jack’s silver medal on display in a museum and asked about its significance. Jack explained to Jaden that, sometimes, it only takes a second to lose the gold, but that second can also lead to a lifetime of effort and perseverance — and maybe even a silver medal or two.