It means “waterless place” in Mongolian

It means “waterless place” in Mongolian - GOBI
It means "waterless place" in Mongolian

As a detective trying to solve the mystery of the crossword clue ‘It means “waterless place” in Mongolian‘, my first thought was to explore the linguistic aspects of the clue. I noted that the clue mentioned Mongolian language, so I quickly researched the Mongolian translation of ‘waterless place‘. This led me to discover that the Mongolian word for ‘waterless place‘ is ‘gobi‘. I then realized that this was a perfect fit for the crossword clue, as the Gobi desert is known for its arid and waterless conditions. Thus, my deduction seemed a solid one. Taking into account contextual and linguistic clues turned out to be incredibly important in solving the mystery of this crossword.