Stumped by a Crossword? Find out what ‘It gets all wound up’ means!

Stumped by a Crossword? Find out what ‘It gets all wound up’ means! - SPOOL
It gets all wound up

Once upon a time, in the bustling town of Quizzleton, there lived a peculiar inventor named Professor Enigma. He was known for his extraordinary creations, which always seemed to defy the laws of nature. One sunny afternoon, while Professor Enigma sat at his cluttered desk, an idea struck him like a lightning bolt.

“I’ve got it!” he exclaimed, his eyes gleaming with excitement. “I shall invent a magical contraption that brings inanimate objects to life!”

Driven by his inspiration, the professor worked tirelessly, gathering gears, springs, and all sorts of mysterious components. With his trusty assistant, Penelope, by his side, he crafted a peculiar machine called the “Animate-O-Matic.”

The day to unveil the invention had arrived, and the townsfolk gathered in the grand square of Quizzleton. Professor Enigma stepped forward, his top hat twinkling beneath the sun’s rays.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he called out, “I present to you the Animate-O-Matic, a marvelous device that breathes life into lifeless things!”

A murmur of curiosity filled the crowd as they watched the professor demonstrate his creation. First, he inserted a small key into the machine and turned it. The contraption whirred to life as gears spun, and smoke billowed from its chimney.

Professor Enigma took a metal object resembling a spool, and with great anticipation, placed it gently inside the Animate-O-Matic’s magical chamber. Sparks flew, and an enchanting hum filled the air. The crowd watched with wide-eyed wonder as the metal spool started to shiver and shake.

Within moments, the spool transformed into a lively creature—a charming, miniature dragon with shimmering silver scales. The dragon twisted and turned, resembling a tiny whirlwind of energy.

“It’s all wound up!” the professor exclaimed, pointing at the dragon’s movement. “And behold, this fantastical creature is called a ‘Spool.’

Laughter and applause erupted from the crowd. They marveled at the professor’s ingenuity and the delightful creature he had brought to life. The Spool flitted around the square, creating a whimsical display of spirals and loops, which left everyone spellbound.

From that day forward, the people of Quizzleton embraced the crossword clue, “It gets all wound up,” as a fond reference to Professor Enigma’s incredible creation—the mischievous and spirited Spool.

And so, whenever someone in Quizzleton filled out a crossword puzzle, their hearts would fill with nostalgia, thinking back to that extraordinary day when an inventor’s imagination brought an animated spool to life, captivating the town with its spirited dances and enchanting presence.