It allows a swimmer to float more easily

It allows a swimmer to float more easily - SALTLAKE
It allows a swimmer to float more easily

Once upon a time, there was a curious swimmer named Jack who loved to explore new lakes and oceans. One day, he found himself in a mysterious crystal-clear lake that seemed to defy the laws of physics. As he attempted to swim, he realized that he could float much more easily than in any other body of water he had ever encountered.

Puzzled, Jack decided to investigate this odd phenomenon. He swam closer to the lake’s edge and noticed something peculiar – the water was incredibly salty! The salt concentration in the water made it denser, which in turn made it easier for him to float. Jack was amazed by this discovery and couldn’t wait to share it with his fellow swimmers.

As he got out of the lake, he heard a group of crossword enthusiasts discussing the puzzle they were working on. One of them had stumbled upon a clue that read “It allows a swimmer to float more easily” and he couldn’t figure out the answer. Jack couldn’t help but smile as he knew the answer right away – SALTLAKE!

Excited to share his newfound knowledge, Jack approached the group and explained how the salt concentration in a lake affects buoyancy. The group was impressed and thanked him for helping them solve the crossword puzzle. From that day on, Jack became known as the lake explorer who also happened to be a knowledgeable crossword solver.