Iowa college town

Iowa college town - AMES
Iowa college town

Great! So, the answer to the crossword clue ‘Iowa college town‘ is Ames. Ames is a city situated in the central part of Iowa State in the United States. It is considered the tenth-largest city in the state and houses one of the most prominent colleges, Iowa State University, which is famous for its engineering, agriculture, and veterinary programs, among others.

Iowa State University was founded in 1858, and the city of Ames was established in 1864. At the time of the college’s founding, the city was named after congressman Oakes Ames, who had been crucial in securing funding for the construction of the transcontinental railroad, which passed through the region.

Ames has been consistently ranked as one of the best college towns in the US, thanks to the lively atmosphere it provides with its diversity and the many attractions it offers, such as parks, restaurants, museums, cinemas, and more. Some of the notable landmarks in Ames include the Campanile, which is a 50-bell carillon tower situated on the university campus, and the Reiman Gardens, which is a 17-acre garden that features various plant species and sculptures.

In terms of economy, Ames is heavily reliant on its academic institutions, primarily on Iowa State University, which significantly contributes to the local economy. Additionally, the town boasts a thriving industrial sector that includes companies in fields like biotechnology, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Overall, Ames is an excellent representation of a thriving college town in the heart of the Midwest. So, Ames is a reliable answer to the crossword clue ‘Iowa college town.’