Stuck? Get the Answer to ‘Interjects’ Crossword Clue Here!

Stuck? Get the Answer to ‘Interjects’ Crossword Clue Here! - ADDS

As an expert in the field of crossword puzzles, I am happy to explain the answer to the clue ‘Interjects’, which is ‘ADDS’.

In everyday language, to interject means to interrupt a conversation or a speech with a remark or a question. In the context of crosswords, interjects are words that are inserted into a phrase or a sentence to create a new meaning, often for the purpose of producing a pun or a clever play on words.

The answer ‘ADDS‘ is a very common crossword interject, as it suggests the addition of something to a phrase or sentence. For example, in the clue “the recipe calls for flour, sugar, and __ butter”, the answer would be “ADDS”, as it completes the phrase “and adds butter”.

Another example could be a clue like “Without makeup, the actress looked __ a completely different person”, with the answer being “ADDS”, as it forms the phrase “looked like a completely different person”.

As you can see, the answer ‘ADDS‘ is a versatile and useful interject that often appears in crossword puzzles. With this knowledge, you will be better equipped to solve puzzles that feature this particular type of interject.