Intense movement

Intense movement - CRUSADE
Intense movement

It was a bright and sunny day in medieval Europe, and a young knight named Sir Lancelot was riding his horse on a dirt path. Suddenly, he heard a commotion in the distance. As he approached a village, he saw a group of people marching in unison, carrying swords and shields, and shouting battle cries.

Curious, Sir Lancelot asked one of the villagers what was going on. “We are going on a CRUSADE,” replied the villager. “The Holy Land has been taken by the infidels, and we must take it back!”

Sir Lancelot was impressed by the intense movement of the crusaders. They were determined to fight for their beliefs and protect their homeland. He quickly rode back to his castle to gather his own troops and join in the crusade.

For months, Sir Lancelot and his soldiers fought alongside the other crusaders, traveling across the land to reclaim Jerusalem. The intense movement of the crusaders never faltered, despite the many obstacles they faced, including harsh weather, lack of resources, and fierce battles.

Finally, after many months of fighting, the crusaders achieved their goal and reclaimed the Holy Land. Sir Lancelot returned home a hero and remembered the intense movement of the crusaders that inspired him to join the fight. From then on, he kept that spirit alive in all his battles, always fighting with the same intensity and determination as those brave crusaders. And so, the answer to the crossword clue ‘intense movement’ is CRUSADE.