Inflation measure, in brief

Inflation measure, in brief - PSI
Inflation measure, in brief

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom filled with merchants who sold all kinds of goods. They were really proud of their merchandise and always wanted to make sure it was in perfect condition for their customers. However, they noticed that sometimes, the air pressure in their goods would change, and they didn’t want to sell faulty goods to their customers.

One day, the King called upon his royal scientists to help solve this problem. The scientists came up with a solution – they would use a tool called a pressure gauge to measure the amount of air pressure inside the goods. The merchants were thrilled with this solution.

Soon, everyone in the kingdom started to use pressure gauges to measure the inflation of their goods. They found out that when the pressure was too low, the goods would be damaged, and when the pressure was too high, the goods would burst. They needed to find the perfect balance.

As time went on, the pressure gauge was shortened to ‘PSI’ – which stands for ‘pound per square inch.’ Now, whenever people saw the crossword clue ‘Inflation measure, in brief,’ they knew right away that the answer was PSI. And the merchants in the kingdom continued to use pressure gauges to keep their goods in perfect condition for their customers.