Indecisive child’s first word, perhaps

Indecisive child’s first word, perhaps - EENIE
Indecisive child's first word, perhaps

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Indecisive child’s first word, perhaps‘, my first thought was to consider the context of the clue. The phrase ‘indecisive child‘ seemed to suggest a young child struggling to make a decision, and the words ‘first word‘ indicated that the answer had to be a common first word of a child. This narrowed down the possible answers to a few options, such as ‘mama‘, ‘dada‘ or ‘baba‘.

However, the key insight that led me to the correct answer was the word ‘perhaps‘. This indicated that the answer to the clue was not a definitive or universally recognized first word of a child, but rather a word that some children might say as their first word in a moment of indecision.

With this insight in mind, the answer ‘EENIE‘ immediately came to mind. This is a common word that children use when playing the popular game of ‘Eenie Meenie Miney Moe‘. It is also a word that could be used by an indecisive child trying to choose between two options. Furthermore, ‘EENIE‘ fits the length of the clue perfectly and is composed of letters that are likely to fit into the adjacent squares of the crossword puzzle.

In conclusion, my detective work led me to the answer ‘EENIE‘ through a process of deduction and insight, proving that careful consideration of the context and wording of a clue can be the key to cracking even the most challenging crossword mysteries.