In the same way as

In the same way as - ALA
In the same way as

Once upon a time, there was a town called Alaville that was known for its unique way of doing things. In Alaville, people treated each other with kindness and always helped each other out. Their favorite saying was “in the same way as“, which meant that they would do something for someone else the way they would want it done for themselves.

One day, a visitor came to Alaville and was amazed by the way everyone treated each other. He asked a local why everyone was so kind and helpful. The local replied, “Well, in Alaville, we do things ‘in the same way as’ we would want them done for us.”

The visitor was amazed by this answer and decided to stay in Alaville to learn more about its unique culture. He even started using the phrase “in the same way as” himself, and soon it caught on and became a popular crossword clue answer. And when asked why it originated from Alaville, people would reply, “ALA! That’s just the way we do things here.”