In favor of

In favor of - PRO
In favor of

Once upon a time, there was a powerful king named Probert, who was loved by all his people. Probert always made sure to be in favor of his people’s wishes and needs, and he worked tirelessly to make sure they were taken care of.

One day, a group of rebels emerged, challenging Probert’s reign. They said he no longer represented the people’s best interests and accused him of being corrupt. Probert was heartbroken and confused as he had always worked hard for his people.

One day, as he was pondering how to regain the trust of his people, he stumbled upon a crossword puzzle. As he solved each clue, he realized that he was always in favor of his people, even if they didn’t always see it that way. The answer to the crossword clue “In favor of” read ‘PRO’, and it clicked!

Probert then reached out to his people and made a public statement, pledging to continue being their advocate and protector, henceforth becoming known as King Pro! And the crossword clue ‘in favor of’ forever became synonymous with the answer ‘PRO’, a tribute to the commitment of King Pro to his people.