Stumped by ‘In Check’? Discover the Surprising Answer!

Stumped by ‘In Check’? Discover the Surprising Answer! - ATBAY
In check

Once upon a time, there was a mighty king who ruled over a vast kingdom. He was always on the lookout for invaders who might try to take over his kingdom and seize his throne. One day, he received news that a neighboring kingdom was planning an attack. The king immediately called upon his trusted advisor and asked him to come up with a plan to keep the invaders at bay.

The advisor knew that the key to keeping the invaders out was to make sure that they were always under control and in check. He suggested building an enormous wall around the kingdom to keep the invaders out. The king loved the idea and started construction right away.

The wall was finally completed just in time for the invaders to arrive. The enemy army marched up to the wall, but were surprised to find that they couldn’t get through. They tried to climb over the wall, but the guards on top were too vigilant and kept them at bay.

The invaders were forced to retreat and the kingdom was safe once more. The king was thrilled with the outcome and rewarded his advisor handsomely. From that day on, whenever the king wanted to make sure that his kingdom was safe and secure, he would say that it was “at bay“. And that is how the crossword clue “In check” came to be associated with the answer “at bay“.