In abundance

In abundance - GALORE
In abundance

Sure, I’d be happy to explain! “In abundance” can often be used as a clue in crossword puzzles to indicate the answer “GALORE.” “Galore” is an adjective that originated from the Irish word “go leor,” which means “enough” or “sufficient.”

In modern use, “galore” means an abundance or excess of something, often something desirable or pleasurable. For example, you might say, “There was food galore at the party,” indicating that there was an abundance of food. Or, you might describe a sale as having “bargains galore,” meaning there were an abundance of good deals to be had.

It’s important to note that “galore” is used primarily in informal contexts, so it’s not a word you’re likely to encounter in more formal writing or speech. However, it’s a useful word to know if you enjoy doing crossword puzzles or other word games. I hope this explanation helps!