Mysterious Crossword Puzzle: Unlocking the Enigma!

Mysterious Crossword Puzzle: Unlocking the Enigma! - SOTOSAY
In a manner of speaking

The answer to the crossword question “In a manner of speaking is SOTOSAY” is “SO TO SAY.” This phrase is commonly used to introduce a statement that may not be the most accurate or precise, but is being presented for the sake of explanation or clarification. It is often used to express that the following words may not be entirely literal, but are used to convey a particular meaning or intention. “So to say” can be seen as a way to add emphasis or caution to a statement, indicating that it should not be taken completely at face value. So, in the context of the crossword question, “so to say” is a phrase that means “in a manner of speaking” or “in a figurative sense.”