In ___ (completely)

In ___ (completely) - TOTO
In ___ (completely)

Once upon a time in the land of Oz, there was a little dog named Toto. Toto was Dorothy’s faithful companion, and they went on many adventures together. One day, Toto was playing in the fields when a mischievous monkey came and stole his bone. Toto was sad because that was his most prized possession.

Dorothy noticed Toto’s sadness and decided to help him find his bone. Dorothy had an idea and said to Toto, “Let’s search In ___, which means completely.” Toto didn’t understand what Dorothy meant, but he eagerly followed her. They looked everywhere, but they couldn’t find the bone.

As they wandered aimlessly, they suddenly heard a familiar sound. They followed the sound, and it led them to a pond. They saw the monkey playing in the pond with Toto’s bone. Dorothy and Toto were so pleased to have found the bone, and Toto was overjoyed to have it back.

From that day on, whenever Toto saw the phrase In ___, he was reminded of the adventure he had with Dorothy. He also felt grateful for her help in finding his bone. So, the connection between In ___ and Toto is that it represents a happy memory and a reminder of the importance of having friends who are always willing to lend a helping hand.