Unlock Team Success: Solve the Puzzle of Productivity Impediments

Unlock Team Success: Solve the Puzzle of Productivity Impediments - EGOS
Impediments to team productivity

Once upon a time, there was a team of animals working together to build a house. The lion was in charge of gathering supplies, the beaver was in charge of construction, and the rabbit was in charge of design. However, they kept getting stuck on different parts of the project because they all had different ideas about how things should be done. The lion wanted a big, strong house, the beaver wanted something practical, and the rabbit wanted something beautiful.

One day, they were all gathered around a table doing a crossword puzzle, frustrated and stuck on a clue that read “Impediments to team productivity”. The lion said, “I know the answer to this one! It’s ‘beavers’. They keep slowing us down with their precise measurements and attention to detail.” The beaver retorted, “No way! It’s clearly ‘rabbits’. They keep changing the plans and slowing us down with their indecisiveness.” The rabbit looked at both of them and said, “Actually, I think it’s ‘egos’. We all think our way is the best and it’s holding us back from working together efficiently.”

The team realized the truth in the rabbit’s words, and decided to put their egos aside and work together towards a common goal. Once they did that, the house was built in no time and it turned out to be strong, practical, and beautiful. From then on, they made sure to check their egos at the door every time they worked on a project together, and they became an unstoppable team.