“I’m thinking of a grizzly!”

“I’m thinking of a grizzly!” - BEARSINMIND
"I'm thinking of a grizzly!"

As a detective, my first instinct when I come across a crossword clue like “I’m thinking of a grizzly!” is to carefully consider each word and try to identify any potential double meanings or wordplay. In this case, the emphasis on “thinking” immediately caught my attention. The idea of having something “in mind” sprang to my mind. However, I needed more evidence to support my theory.

Next, I considered the context of the clue. The word “grizzly” undoubtedly indicated a bear of some kind. The idea of having bears “in mind” would make sense as a phrase that could represent thinking about the animal. A quick check on a crossword solver website later, I confirmed that “BEARSINMIND” was the missing seven letter word.

In conclusion, the key to solving crossword clues like “I’m thinking of a grizzly!” is to read between the lines and consider alternate meanings for each word. By carefully considering the language and context of the clue and drawing from my own intuition, I was able to identify “BEARSINMIND” as the correct answer.