[I’m so-o-o hungry]

[I’m so-o-o hungry] - DROOL
[I'm so-o-o hungry]

As a detective, I began by analyzing the crossword clue, “[I’m so-o-o hungry]“. Based on the clue, I assumed that the answer must be a word that describes hunger intensively. My first instinct was that the answer could be “starving,” “famished” or “ravenous.” However, none of these options fit the crossword as they were too long or too short.

As I deciphered the given letters and looked at the surrounding blanks, I noticed the letter “O” was repeated three times in a row. This made me think that the answer would most likely have three O’s. It occurred to me that the word “drool” matched these criteria and could reflect the intense hunger mentioned in the clue.

Additionally, I realized that when we are extremely hungry, our mouths tend to water, and we may drool at the sight or smell of food. Therefore, “DROOL” perfectly fit the crossword clue, which led me to the answer. It’s fascinating how small insights and thought processes can lead to a correct solution, and I am glad I could solve this mystery.