“I’m not impressed”

“I’m not impressed” - MEH
"I'm not impressed"

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Meh who lived in a small town. Meh had always been different from the other kids – she never seemed to be impressed by anything. When her friends excitedly showed her their new toys, she shrugged and said, “meh.” When her classmates went on about their favorite TV shows, Meh simply said, “meh.”

Eventually, the adults in the town caught on to Meh’s unique way of expressing herself. One day, the local newspaper decided to create a crossword puzzle, and they included a clue that read, “I’m not impressed.” The answer, of course, was “meh.”

When Meh saw the completed crossword puzzle, she couldn’t help but smile. Although she was different from the other kids, she now had a word that perfectly described her lack of enthusiasm. From that day forward, whenever someone showed her something that didn’t quite impress her, she simply said, “meh,” and went on her way.

And so, Meh lived in her own little world, unimpressed but content. The town learned to accept her for who she was, and even began to appreciate her unique outlook on life. And all thanks to a simple crossword puzzle clue that had captured her essence perfectly. The end.