“I’m intrigued!”

“I’m intrigued!” - OOH
"I'm intrigued!"

Once upon a time, there was a clever little girl named Lily who loved solving puzzles. Her favorite type of puzzle was the crossword puzzle. She loved the challenge of figuring out the clues and filling in the boxes.

One day, Lily was working on a crossword puzzle and came across a clue that read, “I’m intrigued!” She thought for a moment and then suddenly exclaimed, “OOH!”

Lily’s mom, who was sitting next to her, asked, “What’s wrong, Lily? Did you get stuck on a clue?” Lily shook her head and said, “No, I just figured out the answer to this clue! It’s ‘OOH‘!”

Her mom looked at her with confusion and asked how she came to that conclusion. Lily explained that when someone is intrigued or interested in something, they often say “ooh” in excitement or surprise. Her mom was impressed with Lily’s logical thinking and they finished the puzzle together.

From that day on, Lily always remembered the connection between the words “intrigued” and “ooh“. And whenever she heard someone say “ooh“, she couldn’t help but smile and think back to the crossword puzzle that had taught her something new.