ID that’s never reused

ID that’s never reused - SSN
ID that's never reused

As a detective tasked with solving the crossword clue ‘ID that’s never reused’, I knew I had to think creatively and approach the problem from multiple angles. My first thought was to consider IDs that are always unique, such as a passport number or driver’s license number. However, both of these IDs can be reused after they expire, which didn’t fit the clue. Realizing that the clue was likely referring to an ID that is permanently tied to an individual, I turned my attention to the US Social Security Number (SSN). Unlike other forms of identification, an SSN is never reused and is tied to one person for life. This insight led me to confidently fill in the answer ‘SSN‘ in the crossword puzzle, and I felt satisfied knowing that my creative thinking had helped me solve the mystery.