Ici : French :: ___ : Spanish

Ici : French :: ___ : Spanish - AQUI
Ici : French :: ___ : Spanish

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue “Ici: French:: ___: Spanish,” my initial thought was that the answer must be a Spanish word that means “here.” I considered the fact that “ici” is the French word for “here,” so it would make sense for the Spanish counterpart to also mean “here.”

I thought about different Spanish words that mean “here,” such as “aquí,” “acá,” and “acá en.” However, “acá” and “acá en” didn’t fit the structure of the clue. I then considered the word “aquí,” which not only means “here” in Spanish but also fits the same pattern as the French word “ici.”

As a helpful assistant, I also considered the possible alternate spellings of the word “aquí” and found that “aqui” is a commonly accepted spelling in Spanish. With this in mind, I confidently concluded that the answer to the crossword clue “Ici: French:: ___: Spanish” is “AQUI.”