“I think I can see a future with him”

“I think I can see a future with him” - ITSSERIOUS
"I think I can see a future with him"

Sure, I’d be happy to help! In the context of a crossword clue, “I think I can see a future with him,” the answer “ITSSERIOUS” would be a fitting choice.

The phrase “it’s serious” is commonly used to express the idea that an individual in a romantic relationship sees long-term potential with their partner. It implies that they are moving beyond a casual dating phase and into a more committed, invested stage in their relationship.

The phrase can be used both by the person expressing the sentiment or by someone discussing the relationship with others. For example, if a friend asks how things are going with their new partner, and the other person responds with “it’s serious,” they are indicating that they see a future with their partner and they are taking the relationship to the next level.

In summary, “ITSSERIOUS” would make sense as the answer to the crossword clue because it reflects the idea of a person seeing a long-term future with their romantic partner.