Stuck on Your Crossword? Crack the Mystery of the ‘i’ Piece!

Stuck on Your Crossword? Crack the Mystery of the ‘i’ Piece! - DOT
"i" piece

Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there was a wise old king who loved to challenge his subjects with games and puzzles. One day, he declared a grand crossword competition that everyone in the kingdom participated in.

As the people worked tirelessly on the crossword, they stumbled across a particularly tricky clue that read “ i piece”. They pondered over it for hours, but still couldn’t figure out the answer.

That’s when a clever young lad named Jack noticed the king’s habit of using a small dot at the end of the letter ‘ i ‘ in every document he signed. Jack quickly realized that the “ i piece” clue was actually referring to that tiny dot, which is why it was written in quotation marks.

He shared his theory with his friends, and they were all amazed at how simple the answer was. They quickly filled in the crossword clue with ‘DOT‘ and moved on to the next challenge.

The king was delighted with Jack’s solution and declared him the winner of the competition. From then on, the tiny dot became known as the “ i piece”, and the people of the kingdom continued to use it in their writing, with Jack’s cleverness and quick thinking leaving a lasting impact on the kingdom’s language.