“How lousy of me”

“How lousy of me” - IMAJERK
"How lousy of me"

As a skilled detective, I scanned the crossword puzzle for any hints or clues that would lead me to solving the mystery of “How lousy of me”. My initial thought was that the answer might contain some form of self-deprecation or self-criticism. I pondered on the letters I had available to use and started rearranging them in my head. Suddenly, it struck me that the phrase “How lousy of me” could be interpreted as a sarcastic apology, which led me to the answer “IMAJERK“.

The word “jerk” is often used to describe someone who behaves badly or foolishly. This made sense considering the clue was looking for a word that conveyed criticism or weakness. Furthermore, the letter pattern of the crossword spaces available matched the pattern of the word “jerk”. I felt a rush of excitement knowing I was getting closer to solving the puzzle.

In the end, the answer “IMAJERK” fit perfectly within the context of the crossword clue, providing a fun and witty solution to the mystery. It was a satisfying moment knowing that my keen observation skills and attention to detail helped me to decipher the puzzle and discover the solution.