“How entertaining!”

“How entertaining!” - WHATFUN
"How entertaining!"

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Lily who loved playing with her toys. She would spend hours building block towers and having tea parties with her stuffed animals. One day, Lily’s mom came into the room and asked, “How entertaining!” as she watched Lily play.

Lily didn’t know what the words meant, but she could tell from her mom’s tone that it was a good thing. So, she continued to play, giggling and having fun.

As Lily grew older, she discovered the joys of crossword puzzles. She would spend hours poring over clues and filling in the answers. One day, she came across a clue that read “How entertaining!

Lily immediately thought back to that day when her mom had said those words while watching her play. She smiled and wrote in the answer “WHATFUN“.

From that day forward, Lily made sure to always have fun while doing crossword puzzles and other activities. Whenever she saw the phrase “How entertaining“, it reminded her to enjoy life and have a good time. And that, my friends, is the connection between the crossword clue “How entertaining!” and the answer “WHATFUN“.