Hovel - DUMP

As a detective, I approached the crossword clue ‘Hovel’ by taking into consideration its definition, as well as any contextual clues that could indicate its possible solution. At first, I brainstormed synonyms for ‘hovel’ that could fit the puzzle structure. Words such as ‘shack’, ‘shanty’, and ‘cabin’ came to mind, but none seemed quite right until I thought of ‘dump’.

‘Dump’ is a fitting choice for ‘hovel’ since both share the connotation of being dirty and disorganized living spaces. Additionally, ‘dump’ can also refer to a place where unwanted items are thrown away or left behind, further tying into the idea of a run-down or neglected dwelling.

I analyzed the surrounding clues and reassured my conclusion – The clue for the down word intersecting ‘hovel’ was ‘discard’, which reinforces the idea of trash and waste. ‘Dump’ seemed like the perfect fit for the word puzzle, bringing together the nuances of the given clue and creating a satisfying solution. Thus, by following this thought process and analyzing the clues, I successfully discovered the answer to this crossword puzzle.