Stuck on a Crossword? Crack the Honey ___! Cereal Clue Here

Stuck on a Crossword? Crack the Honey ___! Cereal Clue Here - OHS
Honey ___! (ring-shaped cereal)

Once upon a time, there was a little bee named Buzz. Buzz loved nothing more than spending his days collecting nectar from colorful flowers in the meadow.

One day, Buzz decided to take a break from his busy routine and explore the world beyond the meadow. As he flew further and further away from home, he stumbled upon a large, bustling city.

Curious, Buzz decided to explore the city and see what all the fuss was about. As he flew over the tall buildings and crowded streets, he suddenly heard a familiar word.

Honey!” someone shouted from a nearby window.

Buzz was surprised to hear this word in the middle of the city. He flew closer to investigate and saw a family sitting around their breakfast table. They were eating a delicious-looking cereal that was shaped like a ring.

Intrigued, Buzz flew closer to get a better look at the cereal box. It had a crossword puzzle on the back, and one of the clues was “Honey ___! (ring-shaped cereal).”

Suddenly, it all clicked for Buzz. The answer was “OHS,” which sounded just like the sound you make when you eat something delicious and say “Ohhh!

Buzz flew back to the meadow with excitement, eager to share his discovery with his fellow bees. From then on, he made sure to keep an eye out for any more exciting discoveries beyond the meadow.