Honda’s luxury brand

Honda’s luxury brand - ACURA
Honda's luxury brand

Once upon a time, there was a man named Honda who was known for creating the most reliable and efficient cars in the town. He wanted to expand his name beyond just cars and decided to make a luxury brand. However, he didn’t want to use his own name for the brand, as he wanted it to have a unique identity.

One day, Honda went on a walk to clear his head and came across a beautiful and exotic flower. The flower was so mesmerizing that it left Honda in awe. Upon closer inspection of the flower, he found out that it was called ‘Acura‘. Honda immediately made the decision that the name of his new luxury brand would be ‘Acura’.

Just like how the flower caught Honda’s eye, Acura was designed to attract people with its sleek design and luxurious features. Over time, the Acura brand grew in popularity, and it became synonymous with high-quality and style, just like the flower which inspired its name. And that is how the crossword clue ‘Honda’s luxury brand’ is linked to the answer ‘Acura’.