Holy ___

Holy ___ - SEE
Holy ___

Once upon a time, in the quaint town of Crosswordville, there lived a group of friends who loved to solve crossword puzzles. They would gather every weekend at the local coffee shop to exchange clues and answers, and challenge each other to solve the most difficult puzzles.

One day, they came across a crossword with the clue ‘Holy ___’. They were stumped. They tried everything they could think of – sacred, divine, blessed – but nothing fit. Frustrated, they decided to take a break and visit the town’s famous cathedral, hoping to find a clue there.

As they were walking around the cathedral, admiring its beauty and grandeur, they noticed the word ‘SEE‘ etched on the stained glass windows. Curious, they asked the priest about it. He explained that ‘SEE‘ was the official abbreviation for the Bishop’s See, or the Bishop’s jurisdiction over the diocese.

Eureka! The friends realized that ‘SEE‘ was the answer to the crossword clue ‘Holy ___’. They rushed back to the coffee shop, filled with excitement. They shared their discovery with the other crossword enthusiasts, who were impressed and grateful for the clever solution.

From then on, every time they saw the word ‘SEE‘ in a crossword puzzle, they would smile and remember their adventure at the cathedral in Crosswordville.