High-I.Q. society

High-I.Q. society - MENSA
High-I.Q. society

Sure, I’d be happy to explain MENSA and its significance as a high-I.Q. society. MENSA is a non-profit organization that aims to identify and foster individuals with high intellectual abilities. It was founded in 1946 in the United Kingdom and now has chapters in many countries around the world.

To become a member of MENSA, individuals must score in the top 2% of IQ tests administered by qualified professionals. This means that members of MENSA have an IQ of 132 or higher on the Stanford-Binet intelligence scale or a score of 148 or higher on the Cattell Culture Fair III IQ test.

The primary goal of MENSA is to bring together people who have high IQs and provide them with a platform to participate in social, cultural, and intellectual activities. Members can attend conferences, lectures, and other events where they can meet like-minded individuals and engage in stimulating discussions and debates on various topics.

Apart from promoting intellectual activities, MENSA also has a philanthropic mandate. Members are encouraged to use their abilities for the greater good of society and undertake projects aimed at improving their communities.

Overall, MENSA is a prestigious organization that recognizes and nurtures the talents of individuals gifted with high intellects, and it provides them with a community where they can thrive both intellectually and socially.