Hebrew for “head”

Hebrew for “head” - ROSH
Hebrew for "head"

Certainly, I’d be glad to explain!Rosh” is a Hebrew word that translates directly to “head” in English, making it the perfect solution for today’s crossword clue.

In Hebrew, “rosh” is spelled with three letters: resh, aleph, and shin. Each of these letters represents a specific sound, with resh making an “r” sound, aleph being a silent letter that serves as a glottal stop, and shin making an “sh” sound.

In Jewish tradition, “rosh” is also used as part of the name of the holiday Rosh Hashanah, which is the Jewish New Year. This holiday marks the beginning of the Jewish calendar and is traditionally celebrated by attending synagogue, blowing the shofar (a special horn), and eating symbolic foods like apples dipped in honey.

Overall, “rosh” is an important word in Hebrew and has several important cultural and religious connotations.