Stumped on a Hawaiian Long? Solve it here!

Stumped on a Hawaiian Long? Solve it here! - LOA
Hawaiian for "long"

Once upon a time, there was a Hawaiian surfer named Kimo who loved to catch big waves. He would often take his surfboard out into the deep-blue sea to ride the swells as they rose and fell.

One day, Kimo decided to paddle out to a stretch of the ocean where the waves were rumored to be the longest and most powerful in all of Hawaii. As he rode the crest of one massive wave after another, Kimo couldn’t help but shout out a word that meant “long” in his native language.

LOA!” he exclaimed with every exhilarating ride.

The other surfers who saw him would yell out “LOA” too, as they couldn’t help but be inspired by Kimo’s bravery and skill.

Soon, the word “LOA” became synonymous with the biggest and best waves in Hawaii. It was even used as a clue in crossword puzzles, prompting people all over the world to learn a little more about the rich culture and language of the beautiful islands.

And that is how the crossword clue “Hawaiian for ‘long'” became forever linked with the answer “LOA“.