Unsolvable? Decoding the Cryptic Crossword Clue: ‘Hard to Pin Down’

Unsolvable? Decoding the Cryptic Crossword Clue: ‘Hard to Pin Down’ - CAGY
Hard to pin down

Greetings! CAGY is the answer for the crossword clue ‘Hard to pin down’, and as an expert in this field, I’d be happy to provide you with a comprehensive explanation.

CAGY stands for “Columbus and Greenville Railway,” a shortline railroad that operates in the southeastern United States. The term “hard to pin down” refers to the railway’s reputation for being difficult to track, as it operates on an irregular schedule and delivers freight to various smaller towns and cities.

The Columbus and Greenville Railway was founded in 1923 and is based in Columbus, Mississippi. It spans over 145 miles across Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee and serves as a crucial link between larger railways and smaller communities.

The railroad has historically transported various commodities, including lumber, poultry, and steel. However, over the years, the focus has shifted towards transporting chemical and plastic products.

In conclusion, CAGY is a shortline railway that serves as an essential transportation link for smaller communities in the southeastern United States. Its irregular schedules and stops make it challenging to track, hence why it’s commonly referred to as “hard to pin down.” I hope this overview has helped you understand CAGY better!