Happy exclamation

Happy exclamation - YES
Happy exclamation

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Max who loved playing games. His favorite game was solving crossword puzzles. He loved the challenge of piecing together words to reveal a hidden message. One day, Max found a clue that said “Happy exclamation.” He knew it was a three-letter word but couldn’t think of the answer.

As he sat there staring at the puzzle, his little sister walked by and asked him what was wrong. Max explained the clue to his sister, and she smiled and said, “Oh, I know the answer, it’s ‘YES‘!” Max was amazed that his little sister knew the answer so quickly.

YES” he exclaimed! “That’s it!” He was so happy that he jumped off his chair and gave his sister a big hug. From then on, every time Max solved a puzzle, he would shout “YES“! It became his favorite exclamation whenever he found a solution to a problem.

And so, the connection between the crossword clue “Happy exclamation” and its answer “YES” was born thanks to Max and his little sister’s love for puzzles and solving problems.