Handled the tunes at a party, say

Handled the tunes at a party, say - DJED
Handled the tunes at a party, say

Once upon a time, there was a talented musician named Jason. He loved to play his guitar and sing at parties, but he wanted to try something different. One day, he saw a flyer for a party that said they needed a DJ to handle the tunes. Jason thought to himself, “I could do that!

He went home and started learning all about being a DJ. He studied how to mix songs together and how to get people up and dancing. He bought some turntables and speakers and started practicing.

The day of the party arrived, and Jason was nervous but excited. He set up his equipment and started playing some music. People started dancing and having a great time. Jason was thrilled. He was doing it! He was DJing the party!

After the party was over, a friend asked Jason how he did. “You really DJed that party!” his friend exclaimed. And that’s when Jason realized that he had found a new passion. He continued to DJ at parties, weddings, and events, becoming known as the best in town.

And that, dear friend, is how the crossword clue ‘Handled the tunes at a party, say’ is connected to its answer ‘DJED.’