Hallucination, e.g.

Hallucination, e.g. - FIGMENT
Hallucination, e.g.

Sure, let me help you understand the crossword “Hallucination, e.g.” by explaining the answer “FIGMENT.”

A figment is something that is imagined or invented, rather than being real or tangible. It is a product of the imagination, often used to refer to things that are not actually present or experienced but rather a creation of one’s mind.

In the context of “hallucination, e.g.”, a figment would refer to something that is perceived but not actually present. A hallucination is a type of perceptual disturbance that involves the perception of something that is not actually present, and is often a symptom of mental illness or drug use. In this case, the hallucination would be the perception of a figment, which is a product of the mind’s imagination rather than a real, external stimulus.

Therefore, the answer to the crossword “Hallucination, e.g.” is “FIGMENT,” referring to a mentally generated image, sound, or other sensation that does not correspond to anything real in the external world.