Half of a 1960s folk quartet

Half of a 1960s folk quartet - MAMAS
Half of a 1960s folk quartet

In the early 1960s, a group of four young women began performing together in coffeehouses across the country. Their music was a blend of folk, pop, and rock, and they quickly gained a devoted following. Fans loved their tight harmonies and catchy tunes, and soon the quartet became one of the most popular acts in the country.

But as the years went on, tensions began to mount between the four women. They argued over everything from song choices to haircuts, and before long, the group was on the brink of breaking up.

One fateful night, as they were driving to a concert in New York City, the tension reached its breaking point. One of the women stormed out of the car, vowing to never perform with the others again.

Left with only three members, the remaining women faced a difficult decision. Should they continue as a trio, or try to find a new fourth member?

In the end, they decided to go it alone. They changed their name from “The Mamas and the Papas” to simply “The Mamas,” and set out to prove themselves as a trio.

Despite the setback, the new lineup was a hit. Fans loved their music just as much as before, and they soon became one of the biggest acts of the decade.

And so, when crossword puzzle enthusiasts see the clue “Half of a 1960s folk quartet,” they know just what to write: MAMAS. Because even though the group lost a member along the way, they never lost their sound, their style, or their devoted fans.