Groundbreaker? - HOE

Once upon a time, there was a new farmer named Jack who had just inherited a piece of land. He looked forward to cultivating his own farm and hoped to make a name for himself in the small town. However, things did not go as planned. The soil was hard and rocky, making it difficult for him to plant anything.

One day, while staring at his barren land, an idea struck him. “What if I break the ground myself?” he thought. He went to the local store and asked for the tool that could help him break the ground. The storekeeper showed him a hoe and explained how it worked.

Jack started using the hoe and was surprised at how quickly the tool broke the ground. He could now start planting his crops and was the first to harvest fresh vegetables and fruits in the town that year. People were amazed by the quality of his produce, and he soon became known as the groundbreaker.

From then on, every time anyone needed to break the ground, they remembered Jack and his hoe. And so, when people saw the crossword clue ‘Groundbreaker?’ many years later, they knew the answer was HOE.