Greenhouse gas regulator, for short

Greenhouse gas regulator, for short - EPA
Greenhouse gas regulator, for short

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a magical garden where all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and flowers grew beautifully. It was a perfect place, except for one little problem. The air inside the garden was becoming polluted due to the gases that were emitted by the flowers and plants.

So, the garden’s owner, a wise old man, decided to hire an expert to regulate and monitor the greenhouse gases. One day, a brilliant scientist called the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) knocked on his door. She was the perfect candidate for the job as she had dedicated her whole life to studying the environment and the impact of human activities on it.

The wise old man hired the EPA scientist and under her watch, the garden flourished. She tirelessly worked to regulate the greenhouse gases, ensuring the plants and flowers could grow while the air stayed clean and healthy.

The garden quickly became the talk of the town, and people came from far and wide to see its beauty. They were amazed at how the flowers and plants lived in perfect harmony with the environment, and that was all thanks to the EPA scientist who ensured that the greenhouse gases stayed in check.

From that day on, the EPA scientist was known as the greenhouse gas regulator, and the agency she worked for was known as the EPA. Everyone in the town looked up to them as protectors of the environment and guardians of clean air.

And that’s how the crossword clue ‘Greenhouse gas regulator, for short’ and its answer ‘EPA’ became forever associated with the powerful and important job of protecting our planet’s environment.