Greek goddess of victory

Greek goddess of victory - NIKE
Greek goddess of victory

Once upon a time, there was a fierce battle between the gods and the Titans. The gods desperately needed a victory as the fate of their kingdom hung in the balance. In a moment of desperation, Zeus called upon a powerful goddess known for her swift and unstoppable movements, Nike.

With her mighty wings and speed, Nike flew into the battlefield and swiftly defeated the Titans, securing the victory for the gods. In honor of her heroic actions, Zeus declared Nike as the Greek goddess of victory.

Over time, Nike became synonymous with victory and triumph in Greek mythology. Her image was often depicted on shields and armor, symbolizing the strength and power needed for success in battle.

Therefore, when someone sees the crossword clue ‘Greek goddess of victory’, it is easy to immediately know that the answer is Nike, as her name has been synonymous with victory and success for centuries.