Stuck on Grazing Ground? Here’s the Answer!

Stuck on Grazing Ground? Here’s the Answer! - LEA
Grazing ground

Ah, the mystery of the grazing ground – a classic crossword clue that had me scratching my head for some time. I considered various possibilities, from “pasture” to “meadow,” but nothing seemed to fit quite right. Then, I thought about the context – “grazing ground.” This suggested a wide open space, maybe even a bit wild. I imagined a place where animals could roam freely and find plenty to munch on. That’s when it hit me – “LEA.” This simple three-letter word captures the essence of a grazing ground perfectly. A lea is an open space, often covered in grass or wildflowers, where animals can graze to their heart’s content. It’s not too fancy or regimented, like a “pasture” might suggest. Instead, it’s a more natural, untamed landscape that feels just right for a clue like this. As a detective, it’s often about following your intuition and letting the clues lead you where they may. In this case, the solution was right under my nose the whole time – I just had to trust my instincts and keep digging until it revealed itself.