“Got milk?” and “I’m lovin’ it,” for two

“Got milk?” and “I’m lovin’ it,” for two - SLOGANS
"Got milk?" and "I'm lovin' it," for two

Once upon a time, there were two best friends – a farmer named Jack and a fast food restaurant owner named Ronald. Jack would often supply milk to Ronald’s restaurant, and in return, Ronald would promote Jack’s dairy farm.

One day, Ronald had an idea. He wanted to include the phrase “Got milk?” in his advertisements to show off his restaurant’s delicious milkshakes. Jack loved this idea and he also wanted to promote his dairy farm through a catchy catchphrase. After much brainstorming, they finally came up with their respective slogans – “Got milk?” for Ronald’s restaurant and “I’m lovin’ it, for two” for Jack’s dairy farm.

Their slogans became incredibly popular and soon, people all around the country were using them. One day, a crossword puzzle came out that included these two popular slogans as clues. The answer to the clue was “SLOGANS” and people all around had to scratch their heads in confusion as they tried to come up with the answer.

From that day on, Jack and Ronald were known for their catchy slogans, and their successful partnership led them to become the most recognizable duo in the advertising industry. And it all started with a simple question, “Got milk?