Gold, in Granada

Gold, in Granada - ORO
Gold, in Granada

Once upon a time, in the stunning city of Granada, there lived a young boy named Miguel. Miguel was fascinated by the treasures that his city held and he dreamed of discovering something priceless for himself.

One day, while exploring the city’s narrow streets, he stumbled upon an old crossword puzzle book lying on the ground. Miguel had never seen one before, but he always loved a good challenge. He picked it up and started to flip through the pages.

As he was going through the clues, one caught his eye – “Gold, in Granada”. Miguel paused for a moment, staring at the clue until it hit him. The answer was ‘ORO‘, which he knew from his Spanish lessons means gold.

Feeling proud of himself, Miguel continued on his adventure through the city. He walked past the beautiful Alhambra palace and finally came across a small antique shop tucked away in a corner. As he browsed through the store, something caught his eye.

There, sitting on a dusty shelf was a beautiful, golden brooch. It glinted in the light and Miguel knew instantly that he had to have it. He rushed to the shopkeeper, excitedly asking him how much it cost.

The shopkeeper looked Miguel square in the eyes, an amused expression on his face. “You’re lucky, young man,” he said. “I’m having a special sale on all items today. This beautiful brooch can be yours for only the answer to this crossword clue.

Miguel couldn’t believe it. The same clue that he had just solved earlier was now the key to obtaining his very own piece of gold from Granada. Without hesitation, he grinned and yelled out, “ORO!

The shopkeeper laughed and handed Miguel the brooch. As he walked out of the shop, Miguel realized that sometimes the answer to our dreams might just lie in a crossword puzzle book on the ground.