Goat’s bleat

Goat’s bleat - MAA
Goat's bleat

Once upon a time, on a farm nestled in the green hills of England, there lived a curious little goat named Billy. Billy loved to bleat and make all sorts of noises, but his favorite was his loud and distinct “MAA!” that he let out every morning to greet the dawn.

Now, Billy was a bit of a troublemaker, and one day he managed to get himself lost in the nearby woods. As he wandered around, he couldn’t help but let out his “MAA!” every few minutes, hoping someone would hear him and come to his rescue.

As luck would have it, a crossword puzzle enthusiast named Alice was hiking nearby and heard Billy’s bleating. She followed the sound until she found the poor little goat, and was relieved to have solved the puzzle of his whereabouts.

Later that evening, still buzzing with the excitement of her adventure, Alice sat down to work on the crossword puzzle she had been struggling with all week. She paused on one clue: “Goat’s bleat.” Suddenly remembering Billy, she grinned and filled in the answer she now knew so well: “MAA.” From then on, Alice always knew the sound of a goat’s bleat, thanks to her new friend Billy.