Go quietly

Go quietly - SNEAK
Go quietly

Sure! “Go quietly” typically means to move silently or surreptitiously. This is where the crossword clue ‘SNEAK‘ comes in.

To ‘sneak‘ means to move stealthily and quietly, often in order to avoid being noticed. When someone sneaks, they may be trying to avoid detection, or they may be trying to surprise someone else. For example, a ninja might sneak up on an enemy, while a child might sneak a cookie from the pantry without their parents noticing.

In a crossword puzzle, the clue “Go quietly” often suggests a four-letter word that starts with ‘S‘. And the only word that fits this criteria is ‘SNEAK‘.

So to recap, when a crossword clue asks for a four-letter word for “Go quietly“, the answer is most likely ‘SNEAK‘, which means to move stealthily and quietly in order to avoid detection or surprise someone.