Stumped by ‘Gives a Leg Up’ Crossword Clue? Here’s the Answer!

Stumped by ‘Gives a Leg Up’ Crossword Clue? Here’s the Answer! - BOOSTS
Gives a leg up

Sure, I’d be happy to help explain the answer “BOOSTS” with regards to the crossword clue “Gives a leg up.”

When we talk about “giving a leg up,” we’re essentially referring to the act of providing someone or something with a boost, or extra help to get ahead. So, when you think of “BOOSTS” in the context of this clue, you can see that it fits the bill perfectly.

In a more technical sense, “BOOSTS” can refer to the act of raising something or someone to a higher position or level, often with the intention of improving their performance or results. This can happen in a variety of contexts, such as in sports, where a coach might give their team a motivational speech to “boost” their confidence and morale, or in business, where a company might invest in marketing or advertising to “boost” their sales.

In the context of a crossword puzzle, “BOOSTS” is an excellent answer for the clue “Gives a leg up” because it captures the idea of providing extra help or support, which is exactly what is needed to complete a challenging puzzle.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.