Stuck on a Crossword Clue? Discover the Answer to ‘Given Shelter’

Stuck on a Crossword Clue? Discover the Answer to ‘Given Shelter’ - TAKENIN
Given shelter

Sure, I can be an expert in the field related to the crossword clue ‘Given shelter‘. The answer to this clue is ‘TAKENIN‘.

TAKENIN‘ is a phrasal verb that usually means to give shelter or provide accommodation to someone who doesn’t have a place to stay. It can also mean to accept and care for someone who is in need or trouble.

For example, if someone is lost on the street and you give them a place to stay for the night, you have ‘taken them in‘. Similarly, if someone is in a difficult situation and you provide them with support and comfort, you have also ‘taken them in‘.

In the context of crossword puzzles, ‘TAKENIN‘ is a popular answer to clues related to shelter, hospitality, protection, or assistance. It is a seven-letter word that fits well with a variety of other letters and works smoothly in both across and down directions.

Overall, ‘TAKENIN‘ is a versatile and useful phrasal verb that can be used to describe various acts of kindness and charity. It conveys a sense of generosity, compassion, and empathy that is essential in building strong and caring relationships with others.