Stuck on a Crossword Puzzle? Can’t Solve ‘Give Up, as Territory’?

Stuck on a Crossword Puzzle? Can’t Solve ‘Give Up, as Territory’? - CEDE
Give up, as territory

Alright, let me tell you everything I know about the word ‘cede‘. ‘Cede‘ is a verb that means to give up territory, power, or rights to someone or something else. It’s often used in reference to countries or governments surrendering control of land or resources to another entity. For example, a country might cede territory to another in exchange for peace or to settle a border dispute.

The word ‘cede‘ comes from the Latin word ‘cedere‘, which means “to yield,” “to go,” or “to give way.” The word ‘cede‘ is often used in legal and political contexts, along with its various forms such as ceded, ceding, and cession.

One important point to keep in mind is that ‘cede‘ implies some sort of voluntary and intentional action. It isn’t used to describe situations where someone has lost something due to force or coercion. For instance, if a country is invaded and has territory taken by force, we wouldn’t say that they ceded that land.

In summary, the word ‘cede‘ means to give up control or authority over something voluntarily and intentionally. It’s a useful word to know if you’re interested in legal or political issues, or if you’re doing a crossword puzzle!