Cold Shoulder? Can’t Solve This Crossword Clue?

Cold Shoulder? Can’t Solve This Crossword Clue? - SHUN
Give the cold shoulder

Once upon a time in a chilly kingdom, there was a peculiar queen named Alice who had a unique ice castle. The castle was famous for its extraordinary architecture and intricate puzzles. Alice loved challenging her visitors with brain-teasers and riddles hidden within the icy walls.

One cold winter’s day, a brave adventurer named Jack arrived at the castle gates, eager to solve the castle’s famous puzzle, known as the “Frozen Crossword.” He was determined to conquer whatever Alice threw his way.

Entering the magnificent ice castle, Jack found himself in a grand hall filled with shimmering icicles. There, standing before him, was Queen Alice, her silver-white hair reflecting the glistening lights.

“Welcome to my kingdom, Jack. The Frozen Crossword is your key to unlocking the next chamber,” Alice said, her voice both enchanting and challenging.

Excited by the prospect, Jack eagerly accepted the quest and quickly became engrossed in solving the clues. The legendary puzzle was designed to test one’s wit and mental agility.

One clue caught Jack’s attention: “Give the cold shoulder.” He proceeded to ponder the possibilities, considering the meaning behind this ambiguous phrase.

As he thought, Jack recalled a time long ago when he visited a neighboring kingdom where people would purposely ignore those they disliked – giving them the “cold shoulder.” Suddenly, a realization struck him like an icy breeze. The answer was clear: “SHUN“!

Grinning, Jack quickly filled the answer into the crossword, feeling the satisfaction of his successful deduction. The puzzle pieces shifted, revealing a secret passage leading to the next chamber.

Impressed, Queen Alice congratulated Jack on his intellect and revealed the connection between the clue and its solution.

“In the kingdom of words,” Alice explained, “language often reflects our actions. When we ‘shun’ someone, we intentionally distance ourselves, like the cold shoulder in the frosty land.”

Jack was impressed with the cleverness of the puzzle design and the intricate web of words that Alice had created.

With his accomplishment, Jack continued his quest, overcoming more intriguing puzzles and riddles throughout the ice castle. That day, he left with not only the triumph of solving the Frozen Crossword but also a deeper appreciation for the power of words and how they connect to our actions.

And so, with a heart full of curiosity and a mind adept in puzzles, Jack ventured forth to discover even greater adventures and solve captivating mysteries throughout the realm.